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Jan 14, 2013 9:00pm PST
at santa rosa and novato and concord and livermore and 36 at los gatos and 36 at half moon bay and 39 at redwood city. really cold overnight tonight. temperature change and location right around the bay agree or 2 up from this hour last tonight but look at those that are cooler. 5 grease cooler right now. cold internovato than this hour last night. napa 10 grease colder right now than last night. 9 degrees cold interfairfield, half man bay, 7 degrees cold interlivermore. all locations are very, very cold overnight as will the whole area basically. freezing warning frost advisory m effect for much of the bay area. milder pat he were begins midweek. so we are projecting low of 27 at santa rosa. 28 at nap a.27 at fairfield. upper 20's at life more concord morgan hill 32 at san jose very cold again. so what is happening with the cold air mass. satellite image shows the cold air mass beginning to shift inland to our east. will continue that he is ward shift tomorrow making room for another ridge of high pressure that will keep us dry but will bring us milder weather starting mid
Jan 15, 2013 9:00pm PST
pressure will drop to about 30 in napa. 31 santa rosa and concord. 30 vallejo and livermore 32 antioch. 28 at fairfield. but generally we won't see low temperature dropping that the 20s without exception. coldest readings will be around 30 to 32 agrees. pacific satellite image shows high pressure building rate now to take control of our weather deflecting the jet stream well to the north so weather disturbance headed our way. clear sky continuing and we have milder afternoon starting tomorrow with temperatures rising up that the mid 60's by the end of the week. look at tomorrow projected high pressure under sunny skies in the south bay we see high of 59 santa clara and san jose 60 at campbell and saratoga. on the peninsula lack for high of 57 at san mateo o. 59 redd with city and menlo park 60's at palo alto and mountain view. on the coast mid 50's. and pacifica and a half moon bay downtown san francisco will see high pressure rising up to 57 tomorrow. 55 in the sun set district. north bay we see upper 50's around 60. 59 degrees at calistoga tomorrow. 57 in napa sonoma. 60 s
Jan 18, 2013 9:00pm PST
bottoming out. 29 in fairfield. and santa rosa. 30 nap a.34 in vallejo. in the freezing zone at least for concord near freezing. 38 san jose. low to mid 40's around oakland san francisco. spare the air has been declared for your saturday. this will be the fourth consecutive spare the air for tomorrow. seventh of the season. poor air quality north bay. coast central bay we look at moderate air quality across the rest of the bay area. really need a strong wind to stir things up to get better air quality in here. not happening just yet. high pressure strong ridge dominating the pacific here. that will bring us some mild sunny weather of the weekend and heat ing into early next week but this is the storm that is generating the large long period swell so be careful throughout if you are going to head to the coast with weather lick this. 66 degrees tomorrow afternoon in half moon bay. 65 san francisco. 67 in santa rosa. head out to oakland fremont mid 60's. vallejo 64. fairfield 63. a little pit hazy at times. 62 antioch. 66 in sap jose. monterey bay mild conditions as wel
Jan 16, 2013 9:00pm PST
the coastline. overnight tonight, are low temperatures drop to 30 degrees at santa rosa, vallejo and concord. 31 livermore and napa and 28 frigid degrees at fairfield and mid to upper 30s in many locations around the bay. still, though, a spare the air tomorrow. poor air quality expected in the inland east bay, the north bay and the coast and central bay. moderate air quality at best in the south bay and the santa clara valley. the satellite image. a large ridge of high pressure the dominant feature. way up to the north there. no weather disturbances headed our way. more are sunny days headed our way and a warming trend through the weekend. tomorrow a bit milder than today. in the south bay high temperatures in the throw mid 60s. 62 san jose and cupertino. 63 los gatos. 61 palo alto. 62 los gatos. on the peninsula -- los altos that is. on the coastline of the peninsula, 58 at pacifica and 61 down at half moon bay. downtown san francisco a high of 58 tomorrow. also 58 in the sunset district. north bay highs generally low 60s. 61 sonoma and calistoga. 62 santa rosa. near east bay 62. oakland 61 at
Jan 17, 2013 9:00pm PST
in the north bay where we see low of 29 to santa rosa, 30 at nap a.over fairfield moving east a little bit down to 28 degrees. 31 is the low at concord. 32 already more then upper 30's mid 30's around the bay. 43 the low in san francisco. let's talk about the spare the air alert. third consecutive one. top. air quality poor in the north bay along the coast and central bay. moderate the rat air quality at best over most of the remainder of the bay area. let's hope for some improvement there as we approach the weekend. satellite image shows high pressure. dominant feature in our weather picture. it's for several days. bringing us continuation of this milder pat he were through the weekend and into next week. tomorrow sunny skies south bay high pressure in the mid 60's. 65 at santa clara a.san jose 66. campbell on the peninsula mid 60's as well. 65 menlo park palo alto. 56 at mountain view and low to mid 60's on the coast. 61 at pacifica. 64 at half moon bay. do you want san francisco high of 63 tomorrow. 61 in the sun set district. up in the north bay mid 60's up santa rosa, cal
Jan 21, 2013 9:00pm PST
freezing in several inland location. 27 the low santa rosa 31, napa concord 30 at livermore and fairfield so we have some sub freezing temperature readings right around the bay mainly mid upper 30's near 40Ñi degrees. satellite image shows lots of clouds and moisture offshore. moving in our direction right now obviously those high thin clouds moving over us at this moment and we may get a little bit of shower activity out of the this approaching system mainly in the north bay on wednesday. start our forecast animation 4:00 o'clock wednesday morning. notice how the showers developed mainly in the north bay if you draw a line right through san francisco dry south and east of san francisco on wednesday but bit wet up in the north bay. this isn't going to be a major rainstorm but it will be wet nonetheless. on we go to high pressure for tomorrow. day begins as moneyly sunny day with thin high cloud. increase in clouds later in the day. it will be cloudy in the north bay than anywhere else and thus cooler there and in the inland east bay. high pressure right around the bay into the sou
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6